Saturday, December 01, 2007


Since Rival Outfit is my own publishing label, the titles I have now and the ones I have under development will be under that label when they are published. My books are still coming out with Ronin Studios, but they are also part of my studio. These are...
  • The Venger: Dead Man well as any spin offs like Black Mercy
  • Vigil
  • The Pistoleer
  • Brigand: For Hire
  • broken moments

And the studio is not just for me only. In the future hopefully I will have other creators working with me for Rival Outfit, keeping the brand moving forward.

Sunday, November 18, 2007

First Post!!!

This will be the first post of hopefully many! Rival Outfit Studios is the 'banner' name that I will be producing all my creator owned titles under. I am not saying that I am leaving Ronin Studios. Far from. I plan on being as active as possible in pushing the studio to the next level. Just for me personally as a creator I wanted to have something that I could link all my properties under. So....ta da....Rival Outfit Studios.